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Keep up to date with the latest news, design inspiration and project progress from the Chiselwood design, manufacture and installation teams.

Why getting the right teams to build is so important to us. 

It was important for us to get the right teams on board especially the first two contractors that would get toe houses up to watertight, here is why.


November 2019

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How to budget well when building new houses.

What did we experience when trying to budget building our new houses.


October 2019

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Designing curved wooden clad houses.

We are now being asked why we wanted curves and wooden cladding on our new houses.

Fossdyke Paddocks

September 2019

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What Reports and Tests do I need for planning permission.

It is amazing the number of tests and reports you will need for planning permission. Here is an explanation on the type of tests you will need.

Fossdyke Paddocks

August 2019

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Is our land suitable to build on?

The pitfalls of planning permission to build houses and sequential testing. So, who would buy a house not knowing there was an acre of paddock and woodland attached?? Well…. It appears for us!

Fossdyke Paddocks

July 2019

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Introducing Our New Website

We have just launched our brand new website. The new and improved format gives us the opportunity to showcase more of our projects, inspiration and exciting news about the company and industry.


May 2019

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Mel Holliday Appointed to the ACID Advisory Council

We are very proud to announce that our MD Mel Holliday has been appointed to the ACID Advisory Council to raise awareness and understanding in the bespoke kitchen sector of the serious issue of Intellectual Property.

Mel Holliday

January 2019

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