What a whirlwind of a month!  - Chiselwood What a whirlwind of a month!  - Chiselwood
- June 2021 -

What a whirlwind of a month! 

A busy month where we have sold some lovely products and have a house reserved.

What a whirlwind of a month! 

Chiselwood has had a bumper month.

So much has happened in a month it’s hard to know where to start. Last month, I mentioned how busy Chiselwood was. We have enough work to see us through this year, which is fantastic. From past history we know that the jobs will jiggle around, especially as building work may not be completed on time, with supply restrictions and projects slipping for various reasons. This will allow time for fitting out the new houses and also allow other projects coming through the summer which will slot into those gaps. It may be we will  have to consider a waiting list for a while, to ensure we do not overstretch ourselves and the team. Again it is something we have had to do in the past and it works well. https://chiselwood.co.uk/

The houses grow.

The houses continue to grow and change.

Due to the wet weather we had throughout May, the roofing slowed considerably. As they are membrane based, the boarding below had to be completely dry. That meant, in turn other trades could not follow on, as scaffolding needed to stay in place. They weather is behaving itself now and the roof lines are being completed.

Plot 6 is our priority, the scaffolding being fully removed to unveil the lovely wooden exterior. Plastering is commencing and soon we can begin to second fix, fit out joinery and furniture and then decorate. Now we are looking forward to sharing the internals with you over the next few months on social media. 

We have one reserved and a lot of interest

We have a reservation on one of the plots and have got a few bookings for viewings, now it is safe to enter into the house. https://www.pygott-crone.com/properties/sales/rps_pyg-SLE210006/

Anyone wanting a plot will be prioritised and potentially could be moved in at the end of the summer. The conveyance team is ready and waiting for new potential buyers. 

We have some projects photographed

In the last blog I mentioned photoshoots. There are a few in the bag now, waiting to see what editors think. In the last blog we shared a few images  and there a a couple more here from another project. We love sharing and enjoy the feedback we get from both our clients and followers. https://www.twobearsstudio.co.uk/

For anyone wanting to view the new houses we are able to show around safely on plot 6. Please scan the QR code for details. 


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