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Environmental Policy

The team at Chiselwood believes that operating responsible business practices will help protect our ecosystem and environment and sustain the quality of life for future generations.

As such, we've undertaken the following actions to reach our stated environmental aims and goals.

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Our Enviromental Aim

  • We aim to manufacture our products from sustainable sources. This policy also applies to the products we use in the course of our business.
  • We seek to improve our environmental performance each year.
  • We aim to minimise the waste generated from our production processes and recycle or reuse unavoidable waste wherever possible.
  • We make sure we comply with all necessary environmental regulations.
  • We aim to reduce and offset our carbon emissions.
  • We source independently certified timber sources especially FSC wherever possible.

What We've Done so Far

  • Introduced FSC timbers which are certified and stamped by the importer.
  • All Miele appliances are now FSC certified.
  • Replaced old vehicles with the new Renault Master to reduce environmental impact of transport.
  • Keeping all workshop equiptment up to date to keep them energy efficient and optimising stock ie efficiency in cutting timber reducing waste.
  • Working with Little Greene Paint Company to ensure our Paint Collection is environmentally friendly.
  • All stationery recycled.
  • All packaging recycled.
  • Low voltage lighting schemes and leds wherever possible.
  • Silestone products especially eco range which has recycled components incorporated such as glass and mirror.


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