Why getting the right teams to build is so important to us.  - Chiselwood Why getting the right teams to build is so important to us.  - Chiselwood
- November 2019 -

Why getting the right teams to build is so important to us. 

It was important for us to get the right teams on board especially the first two contractors that would get toe houses up to watertight, here is why.

Why getting the right teams to build is so important to us.

Why was getting the right teams to build so important to us? It is a few days after a mammoth meeting with architects Gary and Emma. https://www.sga-llp.co.uk/ They have been amazing in both detail and patience, along with their team. They want to get the best for us both on design and budget. Their support has been the thing that has kept us motivated when things did not go quite to plan. We were meeting with our chosen main contractors Daniel Charles, doing groundwork https://www.daniel-charles.co.uk/and Elite manufacturing main structure and roof. http://www.elitetimberhomes.co.uk/

The meeting went well, it gave us confidence meeting the teams that would be on site day to day. I don’t think we had realised quite how unsettled we were feeling, until we realised how fully exhausted we were for a few days after. Chiselwood is extremely busy anyway, with our order book potentially full well into 2020, so feeling we were signing contractors up was a huge step forward. 

We have a start date!

We have a start date of 6 January 2020!!

Our evidence and findings were right

It is interesting that one of the setbacks on getting planning (if you read the first blog) was sequential testing. On the day of these meetings, we had huge flooding around the county and Yorkshire. The canal here was high and parts of the city was also affected, sandbags protecting the Brayford restaurants and cinema. The ground contractors we had chosen, Daniel Charles  wanted to look at the site to establish the water table. The dyke running alongside the land was not even a quarter full, whilst all others around were bursting their banks. Further proof our investigation and evidence put forward to our planners were correct. Of course the houses were designed and built to be higher in case of high water, however this is reassuring to all involved.

Chiselwood would run the Interior Design

Project managing as we do in Chiselwood, means Martin is well practiced in working on properties before they come out of the ground. https://chiselwood.co.uk/services/ Once the properties were watertight, we would be more confident in our skills. Getting the ground prepared and the houses up to a roof level. We were less experienced in this part of the construction. This was the area we were concerned about.  The architects had worked with both the ground and timber frame companies on many projects before this too gave us confidence.

Now a date is in place, we can put motions in place financially, prepare the site for security fencing, signage and welfare. We can also think about increasing the soft marketing still a lot to do before the start date, however now there feels a good purpose to achieve.


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