The ups and downs of running two businesses. - Chiselwood The ups and downs of running two businesses. - Chiselwood
- May 2022 -

The ups and downs of running two businesses.

What it’s like running two business, trying to build and sell six eco homes in our current climate.

The ups and downs of running two businesses.

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing. In many ways had we realised how many hurdles we would be jumping to run Chiselwood and build six houses, we may have reconsidered it. Let’s face, it when we were all trying to get our heads around what Brexit would look like, who would have thought over the next few years, we would be grappling with a pandemic and then witnessing a horrific war and the consequences of all three situations.

Plans change hourly 

Knowing which hat to wear at any one time and not look as though you are juggling a few more balls in the air than usual is something we have become used to. We start our week with an agenda which has often deviated at full speed in another direction by Monday dinner! 

Each time we get to Friday, we take time to decamp, reflect and recheck the schedules to ensure both Chiselwood and Fossdyke are on track. Like any business at the moment our teams are suffering from covid or the various bugs that make the rounds. This alongside Easter, bank holidays and the teams needing welcome breaks we are juggling a bit. However the projects are continuing to be installed and it’s lovely to see the end results with happy clients. 

Chiselwood is really busy 

We continue to have lots of lovely clients and projects from design stage through to completion. A lot of clients are returning for further rooms in their homes which is always a lovely accolade. Others are starting on new builds and extensions that will see us through to next year. We are looking forward to getting the completed projects photographed so we can share them.

We are nearly landscaped 

On our building site the ground works and exteriors of the houses are nearly complete. It is great to see planting and turf going down. In the next couple of months the last drive will be complete, the road paved and the principal contractor will be off site. It will be strange and lovely to have the contractors cabins and containers removed and the area landscaped. 

We have focused on the exteriors

We made the conscious decision in the New Year to focus on getting the exterior of the site finished as soon as we could. Whilst we were still aiming to get a couple of houses ready for sale by Easter, we felt that sales would be slow that time of year and the exterior being complete would be more appealing to new buyers. Seeing the landscaping and site near to completion, we know we made the right decision. Not actively marketing the houses, means we have had no viewings for a while, however we now have a new agent and great strategies to capture the Spring, Summer interest we often see in Chiselwood. We are looking forward to working with Luke Hammond at Fine and Country. Aerial views are ready, brochures in the making and we have just launched. 

More homes ready to buy

We have another home completed which we will use as the new show house (we sold the last one), a third nearing completion and the others should be ready in succession through to late summer. We are fortunate, unlike many builders, to be able to continue moving forward. 

Martin’s trip to America

Martin had a successful trip to America. The journey had similarities to planes, trains and automobiles as many are experiencing trying to travel anywhere at the moment. The judges managed to work through and find the finalists for the worldwide KDC Awards (Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf awards)  for the award ceremony in October. He enjoyed the process and meeting new people with similar interests. We look forward to meeting them in the Autumn. 

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