We are so thankful we have good news to start the year. - Chiselwood We are so thankful we have good news to start the year. - Chiselwood
- February 2021 -

We are so thankful we have good news to start the year.

We are so thankful we have good news to start the year. 

Like many businesses, we did not know whether we would be able to open after the Christmas break. We are so thankful we have good news to start the year. 

As we are in the construction sector, we were able to continue manufacturing. Our showrooms remain closed and are only visiting clients that have essential work. This means we can have the team back in the workshop with a carefully arranged format. Often projects are not fitted early in the year, and although we had some that could have gone to site, our clients are happy to postpone. We are just so grateful we can work. 

We have had to keep the news a secret for a year!

Last January we heard the news that Martin had been asked to judge the Sub-Zero Wolf kitchen design awards KDC. We were preparing to announce when COVID was starting to be reported. At the time we thought it would be short lived and at no point did we think we would still be battling with this terrible virus. By summer Sub-zero had postponed the competition a year. It has been so hard to keep it a secret and have nearly slipped on many occasions! Now we can tell people, it is exciting and we are so proud of Martin. 

Martin is one of seven judges around the world. The designs are starting to come in for the first phase. He will then visit Madison USA in February 2022 for final judging and the award ceremony will be Autumn 2022. https://www.subzero-wolf.com/trade-resources/kitchen-design-contest

Another award!

We have also found out, we have won the Architectural award from Build magazine for best Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Award for Yorkshire. It’s been a good start!

We are still getting commissions which is great.

It’s great to have many returning clients and also new ones commissioning projects this year. We know that things will take longer to manufacture and fit, with both restrictions and lengthening dates for materials. However it is becoming the new norm. Our systems are coping and our clients are very patient. 

The houses move upward.

There is good news on the houses too. To date we have 6 up to ground level. The first arrived on the 18th January as promised and it is great to see them going upwards. We can now really visualise how lovely the structures are. The curves really do add to the houses. 

We can now visualise the internals

Walking around the ground floor, we can now begin to concentrate on the furniture. The design team is busy working on finalising the details and getting orders in, to ensure we have everything in place for the next stages. It is so noticeable how many people are walking along the new pathway alongside the canal and we are assuming they are watching the progress. It is lovely so many people are interested in the buildings. https://chiselwood.co.uk/

Hopefully, the second level will begin on the show house this week and we will really start to see the scale of the house. 

We are able to market the houses now that the schedules are in place for each phase. We look forward to being able to show the first interested parties around. https://www.pygott-crone.com/

I am hoping when I write the next blog that we will have some idea when restrictions are being lifted. At least we will be heading into spring and the dark nights that are making this lockdown seem harder than the last. We hope you all keep safe in the meantime. 


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