So that was the year that was!!  - Chiselwood So that was the year that was!!  - Chiselwood
- December 2020 -

So that was the year that was!! 

The end of 2020 blog. A brief on how things have been for Chiselwood and the building of the houses, and support of our team.

So that was the year that was!! 

I know we are by no means out of the woods yet, however writing the year end blog, it is more hopeful now the vaccine program begins to roll out today. 

Reflecting back to December 2019, the blog expressed excitement, we had a start date for the houses in January 2020 and all the intrepid that brought. Little did we know we would stop again 6 weeks in. 

It’s been a crazy year.

This year, I am recounting all the emotions. Lockdown, starting back in June, tier restrictions, and also the terrific support and patience from our team, clients and suppliers. They have been amazing.

Ready to get the structures up.

We know and hope we will get the structures up in the new year and start marketing property as the first one goes up. Our battles getting supplies and contractors in time to follow on, are proving a challenge. We need to get the roofing, cladding and windows fitted quickly and efficiently to get them watertight. Last year we were expecting this to all happen in the summer months, so water issues would not have had so much impact. Now it will be all systems go, as the first house is erected and we battle with British weather. Fingers crossed we will have a mild winter.

Materials in short supply

Back orders on supplies are heavily impacting both Chiselwood, and the new builds. The long weeks of non-production in factories around the world, has led to reduced stock in appliances, timber and components. We are forward planning and buying as best we can to minimise delays for our clients. Early into the NewYear, I suspect we may be struggling to find storage for things, however we are having conversations with various people to help us move forward. We have purchased so much so early and each stage the message is the same “ that product is in short supply, better get it booked in!” 

It feels a bit ironic that we had all these plans in place for Brexit a few years ago, assuming that customs and trade deals would impact on the UK getting supplies into the country, when in fact the virus has pre-empeted  that. What will happen in the next six months with the addition of Brexit impact as well…. who knows. 

Thankfully we are keeping busy

What we do know is that we have managed to get to the end of the year continuing to be busy. We have retained our staff and although delays and lack of supplies have been challenging, we are truly thankful that clients old and new continue to commission us. Our team has worked so hard to ensure the projects have met fitting dates and to the excellent standards we are proud of. We have managed to work together, supporting each other when we are not feeling great, and that especially for Martin and I has given us strength when we were struggling. We have lost some very dear people this year and in those dark days, the care and love extended out to us will be remembered for a long time. 

End of year

Our team may not be able to party or go out for drinks on the last day, as is tradition, however being in a bubble means it’s not all dull. We are able to do Secret Santa organised as carefully as we can socially, no doubt the Christmas hats and jumpers will appear whilst cleaning down, and we will all welcome the break to rest and look forward to a busy start of the year. 

Thank you 

Thank you everyone who has supported us this year. Myself and the team want to wish you all a peaceful Christmas and look forward to 2021 and all it has to bring. 

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