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- October 2021 -

Introducing No 6 Fossdyke Paddock

We are proud to be unveiling the first of six eco homes in Saxilby Lincoln.

Introducing No 6 Fossdyke Paddock.

We are proud to show off the first completed house on Fossdyke Paddock. There have been a few raised eyebrows throughout this process. Don’t get me wrong, we knew this was going to be a huge journey, diverting well away from our comfort zone running Chiselwood. However, we knew it was possible. We have constantly had to stay focussed as best we could, when presented with the challenges of building not one, but six houses. We also knew the first one would be the hardest. The test piece for the rest that followed. 

It’s all been in our head!

Our vision in our heads, well mainly Martin, him presenting his thoughts to me and the architect, then us working things through to design concepts to fruition has been difficult to convey. Sometimes, even to those who are in the design field. Seeing a model, drawings, photographs have helped, however many still struggled. Now the house is complete, we are blown away by the reactions of those coming to view and visit. Especially when they come to the top of the stairs and see the cathedral-like space in the living area.

The environment was key.

We wanted homes to blend into the environment. Living spaces to be upstairs looking into the tree canopies. To be warm, easy to maintain, practical, versatile and kind to the environment. And we believe we have achieved that. 

Chiselwood throughout 

Chiselwood’s team have been involved in all the joinery and furnishings inside. Some of the team have also been involved in the exterior joinery, ensuring the attention to detail flows through. Every little bit of space has cleverly been utilised, ensuring there is a storage area for everything, often missed in new builds. The furniture is soft in its colours and has a continuous theme of oak throughout.

We love a bit of colour

There are areas in this property that are bolder in colours. The bathrooms have stunning tiles in a large format, giving a luxury spa feel to the rooms. The utility pops in colour and gives an interesting feel to a practical space. Of course moving forward if reserved early these things can be personalised ensuring the colours are to the new owners taste.

Eco standard

Wanting the properties to be environmentally friendly was a conversation in the early days of designing. Having a timber framed structure, with a lot of insulation, air source heat pumps and ventilation to circulate either cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Our aim was eco ratings for air tightness of 3. We achieved 1.84 which is almost passive and will ensure the homes will be economical to run. 

There is landscaping beginning to happen in the entrance of the site and No. 6, we are planning to plant the first set of trees to winter over. Hopefully  that there will be another set of planting in early spring weather and site permitting. Our leafy roadsides will be softly lit at night with low bollards, giving the feel of a holiday park that was one of our inspirations. 

At each stage, for those of you who have been following the blogs, we have had challenges and solutions helped by great minded people we are working alongside. It has been a team effort and we are grateful to have had the support and patience from those around us.

We have sold a couple already

Getting No 6 Fossdyke Paddock finished and excitedly sold straight away has helped us feel we are moving at a pace. We have accepted an offer on No. 3 and interest on others and are waiting on the process of conveyance. 

Meeting our new neighbours 

Our first new neighbours should be moving in by November and the next maybe end of the year. The rest follow on through spring. It is lovely to start meeting people who we hope will enjoy our vision for many years to come.

Introducing No 6 Fossdyke Paddock

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