Preparing the building site for piling. - Chiselwood Preparing the building site for piling. - Chiselwood
- March 2020 -

Preparing the building site for piling.

How we prepared the building site for piling

Preparing the building site for piling.

As the weeks have moved on so much has happened on the site. We are preparing the building site for piling. Lorries start arriving to deliver tons of stone. The team carefully repositioned the stone to create the roads. They then start working on each plot to prepare for the piling team.

Amendment to a plot

As the plots were marked out, there were concerns that one of the tree root structures may be too close. Whilst we knew the distance had been calculated correctly ie 15 x the circumference of the trunk, it was a large tree and we did not want to damage it. There were discussions on how to protect it with the solution to move the house forward slightly. Due to planning requirements this would mean having to approach the planners for a non material amendment. There were concerns that this would create significant delays to the schedule whilst we waited for the response. There were tight deadlines in preparation for the piling team to arrive. Fortunately the architect liaised swiftly and an agreement came quickly.

Preparing for the piling equipment

The piling equipment is heavy and needed stability, extra stone would be needed temporarily to support the equipment. The land at this stage was very muddy due to the months of rain. The ground team worked tirelessly to get the stone down and bit by bit the dark soil turned to a cream colour. The aim was to prevent mud getting onto the main road and within a couple of  weeks this was achieved. 

So the day arrived when the piling equipment arrived.

As it was put in place, it towered over the site. As it began to beat the piles down into the ground, we were acutely aware this may annoy a lot of people. Sure enough we noticed posts on social media asking what the noise was. Apologies were given, explaining this would be a short phase of the build taking approximately 9 days. How relieved were we (and our fellow neighbours) when we were informed on the Friday morning, 5 days after starting, that they would be complete by dinner. Social media helped us to deliver the news and relative peace was restored on site again!

The footprint of the houses appear

So now the plots are littered with posts sticking out of the ground. The beams that will connect these together will be positioned in the next few weeks. We are excited that we will be able to see the footprint of each house appears. 

This is all fantastic as the team are well ahead of schedule.

Not everything can be planned for

 A shadow oversees. Coronavirus appears to be taking hold in the UK as it already has in many countries including Europe. Many countries are in lockdown and measures to reduce the spread are now being put in place. We are wondering what the knock on effect will be both on the build and Chiselwood. It is not the first time in our 31 years in business that we have had strategy meetings to reduce negative impacts of 9/11, recession, or Brexit to name a few. This feels very different probably because it is a whole world pandemic. We are always prepared to change and find solutions. We know from past experience, this is a great dynamic to bounce new ideas about as a team. For now we are still business as usual, full order books and the next phase of the build to look forward too.

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