Setting out the site entrance for the new build. - Chiselwood Setting out the site entrance for the new build. - Chiselwood
- February 2020 -

Setting out the site entrance for the new build.

The details of setting the entrance for the new build.

We begin setting out the site entrance for the new build.

Setting out the site entrance for the new build is the first stage to begin. Over the last few weeks, the landscape has rapidly changed on the site.
Since the diggers, dumper trucks and teams of men with hard hats arrived, there has been a hive of activity.

The first stage is to level off the soil. This could have been hampered by the tree stumps left after the tree surgeon had completed his work. A stump buster came and using an amazing piece of kit cleared them in a matter of days. The large machine lumbered on and off the site by remote control, grinding them away below the soil as though they never existed.

A mass of root that was left underground, were dragged up and now sits in a pile in the cornered the site, the only evidence those trees existed. As for the healthier or specimen trees left, they are now protected with mesh to ensure they are not harmed throughout the build. 

The entrance for the new build is being created

The focus now moves to the entrance of the site. At present any vehicle needed on site, comes through the Chiselwood entrance parking next to the site. Initially this becomes a bit of a jiggle as the well used car park the staff used, is immediately reduced by more than half. Careful manoeuvres, like a dance routine begins the first morning at the main car park.

This car park will now have to accommodate staff cars, clients, visitors etc. We have to be mindful of bigger vehicles that deliver Chiselwood supplies daily. It’s a bit of a squeeze, however we quickly get the hang of things. This will improve once a temporary parking area is constructed on site.


Traffic Lights are put in place

First of all the public pathway is closed off and temporary traffic lights cordon off one lane of th A57. This will be in place for several weeks. Feedback from local drivers is that it is not impacting too much on their journey which is a relief!

The first hole is huge

A huge hole begins to appear in the newly created entrance area which will have to be to highway standards. The depth and new materials appear to replace the soil.

There are also many pipes, cables and amenities that run alongside the road. These need to be protected before the hardcore sub-base can be laid. With care and patience the team manoeuvre large quantities of stone and the entrance begin to take shape.

The new pathway is constructed

The pathway is reconstructed with both tarmac and studded slabs. The drivers can now breath a sigh of relief as the traffic lights and barriers are removed. The focus now is getting the internal road substructure on site. This will allow access of all vehicles needed in future on site to create the foundation slabs and the piling needed to support them.

Being able to see the layout of the road gives us the first chance to visualise the plots and where the houses will eventually be located.

We have had some challenging storms over the past week. Fortunately the worst has been over the weekends, so has had little impact on site. Although some areas are a little boggy, the large vehicles appear to be coping well. Hopefully this will continue whilst we build.

Meanwhile the design team continue to create the beautiful interiors for the houses.


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