Fossdyke paddock the new beginning. - Chiselwood Fossdyke paddock the new beginning. - Chiselwood
- January 2020 -

Fossdyke paddock the new beginning.

For many year this land has been a paddock. Now it has a new lease of life.

Fossdyke paddock, the new beginning.

Fossdyke Paddocks the new beginning, is a phrase we have started to use. As with all new projects emotion comes both with excitement and apprehension,  this new build is no different. Today is officially start day. Opening the curtains, the garden and site beyond is shrouded with thick fog. Today will be the last chance to fully walk the dog on land which has had many purposes over the years, woodland, paddock for horses, bike tracks for children and in later years the peaceful beginning of the day walk to reflect before work. It feels nostalgic.

Clearing the site slowly gave us time to adapt.

As the land has been stripped and prepared, we have had time to absorb the change gently and somehow this new beginning for the land feels right. New life will begin now and hopefully by the end of 2020, will start to house people that will form their own memories here.

Patience is a virtue

It has been a long time coming, twelve years planning permission, three years meetings and preparation and now the physical ground and building works. In this first stage, we have a great set of people; architect team, (STG architects) Daniel Charles on board, we are feeling more excited than apprehensive. The vehicles start to arrive to begin preparation of the site. Welfare accommodation is placed carefully via hoist, fencing that will surround the site is being delivered and people in orange coats and hard hats, check each section of land in anticipation of the next move.

As an onlooker for this stage we are thankful for the knowledge and experience these people will bring. 

Each week will bring new changes

The next week will not bring huge change to the look of the land as the focus is on getting the site safe, clearing the ground of tree trunks and debris. After that, the main focus will be getting the entrance put in off the main road and the front road permanent  fencing. We are looking to put the signage up on this fencing. We can the officially start marketing the houses.

Now today we can mark as the beginning of Fossdyke Paddock.

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