Our structures are now looking like houses.  - Chiselwood Our structures are now looking like houses.  - Chiselwood
- May 2021 -

Our structures are now looking like houses. 

This months update on the Chiselwood projects and progress of the houses.

Our structures are now looking like houses. 

Well some of them anyway!! We were under no illusions when we started the house building, that it was going to be straightforward and easy. Especially when dealing with the exterior structures and boy is it working the brain cells. As it is a unique build, each team is having to be guided through, to ensure we are getting the results we want. 

Problem solving along the way.

Each trade is great in their individual expertise, however co ordination to get their part done, not be in the way or close proximity and be safe, is like choreographing a dance routine. Daily problem solving was expected for the first house. Martin, the project manager and site manager are fortunately great at finding solutions. Hopefully, once we complete the first, the rest will smoothly follow through. It’s safe to say, we are having snagging problems and delays, often through no fault of the company installing, however they are all adapting, to try not to be too far behind schedule. 

It is fantastic to see the details now. 

They are starting to look great. The first house is now insulated, has a finished roof, some windows, the brickwork at the base. The scaffolding has been dropped a bit and can start to have its wooden cladding. The interior has been screed on the ground floor, the electrics and plumbing has started and hopefully the temporary staircase will be installed, allowing easier access to the first floor living space. The other houses are following on well. It’s great that our structures are now looking like houses. 

Chiselwood team are all busy. 

Meanwhile, Martin and the team are juggling with the incredibly busy Chiselwood! We are thankful the showrooms are open again. We are staying with the appointment only system, to keep everyone distanced. If clients are visiting for the first time and want the full tour, they are invited to come out of hours, so our teams are safe in the workshops.

It is great we are so busy. It seems many people have moved, created new spaces or applied for planning during the last year. They are now ready for furniture and thankfully are willing to wait. We have projects booked right through to the end of the year. Experience has shown us, especially at the moment with stock delays etc, that there will be some projects that won’t meet fitting dates. We therefore will continue to have spaces for those wanting projects fitting throughout the year. Our fitting teams are also working on the houses, so it will be a busy time for everyone at team Chiselwood!

Photoshoots coming.

We cannot wait to show you the amazing projects we have been working on. We have completed a photo shoot for the first one this month and many lined up after. Hopefully during the summer, we will be able to get into houses when our clients feel safe. 

Returning clients. 

We love returning to clients homes with new projects and over the next twelve months will be working in some very special spaces. Knowing that we have returning clients means we have achieved what Chiselwood’s team strives for. To look after the client, create their dream and create unique bespoke solutions. https://chiselwood.co.uk/

We are now booking in visits to view the new homes. Some are receiving positive interest. If you are considering buying one of the plots, the first will be available in the summer. Please contact Pygott and Chrone. 






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