It’s all becoming a blur! - Chiselwood It’s all becoming a blur! - Chiselwood
- March 2021 -

It’s all becoming a blur!

I sit down each month to write this and have to read the previous one first to check what has happened. I sit and read February’s blog feeling a bit surprised on everything that has happened in a month, it all feels very blurred. 

It’s all becoming a blur! 

I sit down each month to write this and I have to read the previous blog first to check what has happened. As I begin to read February’s blog, I am feeling a bit surprised, a lot has happened in a month, it’s all becoming a blur!

We are still able to have a routine. 

Whilst we are fortunate at Chiselwood to have the team in the workshops and therefore a daily routine, it’s the bits in between work that is becoming blurred! Still being in lockdown, we are doing very little after work or at weekends. At least the nights are pulling out and the weather is improving, so we can start to work in the garden.

We are finding solutions to work safely.

The projects at Chiselwood are still being created and we have a lot of places we can install, which is great for our clients and team. We have found solutions to keep all of us safe and that is reassuring. We have also found safe ways to connect with our new clients and therefore have some beautiful projects coming on board, throughout the year. The design team are keeping busy and this will soon start to feed into the workshops.

We are starting to manufacture the furnishings for the six new houses we are building. There is a lot of it, so we are mindful we want to get on top of things. 

The biggest concern we have, is getting hold of materials and appliances. Many are now having 12 week lead times and very little alternatives in the country. Fortunately we have ordered a lot in advance so hope there will be little disruption going forward.

We want to share our projects from last year.

It is hoped that we will soon be able to visit projects completed last year and photograph them as we can’t wait to share them. We are also able to start sharing some of the bigger projects we have worked on the previous year. We have had to keep them under wraps as exclusives for magazines. Many of you may have seen the fantastic feature in Homes and Gardens recently. We also have a few more features in magazines towards the summer. It is always a pat on the back for our teams and clients to see the projects in print. 

Some of the houses are gaining a roof.

The houses are really starting to take shape, four are up to second level and the joinery teams are now working on the roof. The structures look almost cathedral-like as they rise up to the sky. At the moment, they glisten as the insulation is backed in a silver sheet, however in time, when the lead coloured roof and black cladding covers the shell, they will blend back into the trees. It is great to get inside and see each space. Each house feels slightly different with their view, even though they are all identical in design.

Now we want to start showing people around. 

We are really starting to get interest. And it is hoped that once the restrictions lift, we can start to show people around to view them. Being so unique, it will be easier to get people to experience the site and walk around the houses in order to appreciate the designs. 

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