The learning curve has been huge, and it’s not over yet!! - Chiselwood The learning curve has been huge, and it’s not over yet!! - Chiselwood
- October 2021 -

The learning curve has been huge, and it’s not over yet!!

The process of selling requires great patience.

The learning curve has been huge, and it’s not over yet!!

The conveyance is requiring a lot of patience.

A couple of blogs back, I mentioned that we had sold a couple of houses, subject to contract. It has been interesting experiencing the conveyance part, both for ourselves and our buyers. Not only the details that need to be documented and surveys to be carried out, but the curious results they reveal.

A number bare no resemblance to the truth ie we don’t live near a giant wind farm, just a couple of turbines on farms several miles away. And the local landfill next door?  I can only assume they are talking about a piece of land the other side of the Chiselwood entrance. It was once owned by local highways 30 plus years ago and has been privately owned for over ten years!! Whilst we appreciate that solicitors have an important role in checking to protect their clients, the process takes months and a lot of patience. 

We are slowly getting there. Although still a few weeks off we are hoping to greet our first new neighbour soon.

The progress is noticeable each week.

The site itself is progressing well. Firstly plot 6 is clean and waiting for its new owner to enjoy. Secondly Plot 3 is being plastered internally with the exterior nearly ready for the scaffolding to reveal it’s beautiful cladding. Plots 4 and 5 are clad and landscaping well on its way. Plots 1 and 2 are erect and the roof is lined, windows will be fitted in time to make it watertight for winter. Now, as the darker nights approach it will be more of a challenge to keep momentum, however the teams have worked together to reach our deadline.

We now have a street.

It is fantastic to stand at the entrance. With the driveways on 5 and 6 complete and kerbs laid in the entrance we can begin to see the roadway outline. It will be lovely to see the low set lighting curving alongside the road giving a soft glow to the road. 

Beginning to plant up.

The first of many trees being delivered for a few plots and entrance to give them a chance to establish before the colder weather. Each plot has a dedicated specimen which will bring its own colour and dimension to the whole site. Silver birches, cherry, walnut and rowan to name a few. 

Chiselwood update.

Writing these blogs and focussing mainly on the builds, I realise Chiselwood takes a bit of a back seat at the moment. Being extremely busy with full order books now through to April. Alongside Chiselwood clients, the team have been involved in the furniture and joinery on the houses. It has been very hectic. However we are so grateful to be so busy as it has really helped us achieve the goal of completing the houses.

Completed projects.

We have some beautiful projects coming to completion and are booking in photography as they are ready. Many of the projects at the end of last year and early this year have either been featured in magazines. Alongside these there are two more due to be featured through to spring. It is always good to see them in print. 

Sub-Zero Wolf awards.

Martin is still checking out the entries for the Sub Zero Wolf Design Awards. The closing date is the end of January. He will then be travelling to America in February for final judging. He has commented that there are some lovely entries and is looking forward to meeting fellow judges to pick the finalists.

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