The first house is complete. Well nearly!! - Chiselwood The first house is complete. Well nearly!! - Chiselwood
- September 2021 -

The first house is complete. Well nearly!!

We have met our first goal. Plot 6 is complete.

The first house is complete. Well nearly!! We are working on landscaping plot 6 now, which has been delayed due to materials and shortage of labour. 

Holiday and labour shortages 

This last month has been a real challenge. August is notoriously known for being quiet at Chiselwood headquarters as the holiday season takes hold. Our team have had well deserved breaks, and so too have the team on the building site. 

It has been noticeable that the progress has significantly slowed down. 

Of course we know it is important for everyone to recharge batteries and want everyone to come back refreshed and ready to progress again.

Materials are hard to come by

Not only has labour slowed, the supplies of materials for both site and Chiselwood remains an added challenge. Some items are months away from being delivered and juggling around waiting for them to arrive, has been frustrating for everyone working on projects. Managing to source things, even those on longer lead times has allowed us to complete each stage. 

Fortunately with working on several of the properties at a time we are still progressing well.

We met the first deadline 

 Aiming  to complete plot 6 by the end of August and we are excited have achieved that. We are so proud of how lovely it looks, and all the details Martin has designed, really do make it special.

Although the majority of the rooms have been kept neutral, we couldn’t resist a bit of colour here and there, and of course our signature curves are everywhere. 

Now we are able to fully market it and look forward to showing potential clients around.

We are taking professional stylized images in the next few weeks and will be sharing these on our social media, to truly show off how lovely these homes are going to be. 

The team from Pygott and Chrone have had a sneak peek, in order to fully understand the house and all its details. They are ready and waiting to book viewings and we have some booked in the coming week. With one reserved, it would be great to have a few more showing interest. 

Houses on the canal side are moving on well, mainly inside as rain has often stopped play alongside holidays. 

Plots 1 and 2 get their second floors

Plots 1 and 2 on the roadside are being erected as I write and will really make a difference to the whole site. A huge crane can be seen from Chiselwood workshops lifting all the panels in place. 

Alongside the build, getting all the paperwork for conveyances has taken a while to sort. Wanting to ensure that everything is in place to hopefully keep the selling process as smooth as possible. With plot 6 now being available, and one reserved the next should flow through over the coming months meaning if sold we could have the first occupancy’s in by Christmas. 

Chiselwood booked until spring

Chiselwood is now fully booked up through to February. This is great in one way, however, new clients will have to wait a bit longer than normal. August being quieter has been a bit of a blessing that way. It has given Martin time to catch up a bit, helpful when juggling both companies.

Projects are being manufactured and fitted fairly well, low supplies being considered, there have been several delays when clients have had building work, mainly again through lack of materials. However we have managed to swap things around to accommodate everyone. Our teams have become very flexible working often between Chiselwood and the houses when not fitting furniture. Helping other teams on site to keep things flowing. It is fantastic how adaptable they are. 

Martin and I are proud and grateful for all the support we are getting. It was always going to be the case that this year would be a challenge, however now we have completed the first house, the template for the others should help us move forward. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of the houses please contact:


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