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- July 2020 -

Construction and manufacture during COVID

Having contingency plans and strategies are even more important at the moment.

Construction and manufacture during COVID-19 is interesting.

Construction and manufacture during COVID-19 is interesting. Its only four weeks since the construction team came back and eight since Chiselwood started back. The way we reflected time pre Covid felt tangible and measured. We could look back over a month, quarter or whole year and use the results to plan moving forward. These were familiar patterns we have established in business allowing us to cash forecast and project manage.

Did time stand still?

COVID-19 has rapidly changed this pattern. It is curious, that for many, even those who continued working throughout, time felt as though it stood still. Over the last couple of months as the country tries to start up again, it is interesting, how we are quickly adapting. Each week, advice changes and implementing those into everyday life is the new norm. More recently we are only getting 24 hours notice to lockdown localised areas. Fortunately at the moment Lincolnshire is fairing well. We hope it continues.

Putting strategies in place

For Chiselwood during full lockdown meant having the basic office running, no calls, team working or projects to complete. It was ten weeks of silence and time did feel as though it stood still. In fact looking back now, it is almost a dream. Coming back, we are now playing catch up. Ensuring the projects are as smooth as they can be.

Planning further ahead for stock has been essential. Many companies are still at low capacity, many of their teams still on furlough, meaning communication is slower and deliveries longer. With that in mind, we are constantly changing our strategies to ensure we are ahead of the game. The team is supporting and helpful, which means a lot as we are all wanting to keep the momentum going. We are all trying to adapt within the workplace to ensure we are safe and efficient, even with the restrictions in place. 


The ground team on the site are moving at a pace and in four weeks, the landscape has changed significantly. piling had just been completed before lockdown and the posts stood proud from the ground for three months. On the teams return the footprint of the foundations were dug out. Fine and intricate metal rods are woven into snake-like chains ready to be encased in concrete. 

The day for pouring comes and a large framed pipe arrives to deliver 36 trucks of concrete.  It’s a long day, however ten hours later, it is all poured. Walking around the site that evening, we can see each plot.  Their location between each other and relationship to their garden space. We stand in what will be the bedrooms and imagine what it will feel to be like living in the houses. 

Boundaries and fencing

We have now secured the front with a temporary gate and sound reducing fencing. We will let it settle, then they will be painted black. It will be perfect to support the signage for marketing in the not too distant future. 

One of the  things we wanted to do when we started with the planning, was to re-establish the old towpath that runs alongside the back of the plot. The aim is to provide those who live this side of the village, an alternative to walking along the busy A57. In years gone by when there was a busy pub open next door, people frequently walked down the towpath keeping it clear, however with the pub long closed, it has become overgrown. The ground team are putting the pathway in place which we hope will be a welcome addition to the village.


Not all is plain sailing

A little hiccup in the progress of the build is the company building the super structures have gone into administration during lockdown. This has been a sad casualty as they had been on board with the project since day one. We are in final conversations with other contractors and are hoping to be moving forward quickly with this next phase. Fortunately the ground team still have plenty to do at this stages. Having the site to themselves means they are not manoeuvring amongst other trades, as often happens on building sites. Hopefully as they complete their part on site in Autumn, the contractors building the structures will be starting. Being patient has always been very much part of this project and the outcome always works out. Look out for the next update next month!

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