Teamwork, support and patience are key to success! - Chiselwood Teamwork, support and patience are key to success! - Chiselwood
- September 2020 -

Teamwork, support and patience are key to success!

This month has moved forward at a pace again. Chiselwood has great projects, the site team for the houses continues to be busy. And we have a new company on board to build the substructure.

Teamwork, support and patience are key to success! It is so true both for Chiselwood and our new builds. Without good people around us, we may survive, however it would be such a struggle. Each month, I sit to write the blog thinking back on what has happened in a month. Initially I feel there is little to write about, then, I list new things that have happened and realise how quickly things have moved forward.

The site continues to progress

The site has developed further. And the team and project manager are amazing. They work together to ensure things run smoothly. The pathways along the canal are complete. It looks great and we are so happy to see the locals are using it, as an alternative to walking along the busy A57. The pathway weaves amongst the trees and looks quite pretty already. The boundary along the canal will soon have fencing for security and will match the front of the site


The underground drainage begins

Giant tanks, metres of pipework in all sorts of shapes and sizes appear. This will become the drainage on site. We have no mains drainage, so the bio tanks will ecologically manage the waste. Deep holes appear as each system is installed all to be connected together at a later date. They then disappear with only manhole covers left as evidence there is anything below. 

Who will build the substructure 

You may remember from the last blog that we had to re tender companies making wooden structures as the original company was no longer trading. We are so thankful for the help and support of SG Architects. each stage they are helpful and ready to find solutions to things that need attention. Whilst we can plan for most things, we are constantly reviewing to ensure the project is correct and on time. We have had some great companies wanting to be involved with the sub structures. It has been difficult to choose, as each company had great things to offer. After a few meetings, we decided to choose Inspire Timber Systems. They are local and have been involved with great projects. They have also worked on round timber structures, important for our houses. We aim to have the first structure going up In November.

The 3D model

Martin has been playing!! He decided it would be good to have a replica 3D model of the house. So over the last few weeks, he has been putting together a model which splits, to show the interior specifications as well. It is a work in progress in the first stages below. Is there no end to this man’s talents! 


Chiselwood update

Chiselwood continues to be busy with some fantastic projects nearing completion. We are thankful for our clients patience, as many should have been completed earlier in the year. We have also been fortunate to date to continue to get supplies and appliances. Trying to order stock early is a strategy we implemented as soon as we came back. Although we are mindful of cash flow being tied up and having to find space to store, has been helpful to keep things on time. We have lots of new clients we are working with and look forward to beginning those projects. It’s going to be a busy Autumn, especially as Chiselwood will be working on the houses too, as they start to be fitted out internally.

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