Period home remodelled for modern living - Chiselwood Period home remodelled for modern living - Chiselwood

Period home remodelled for modern living

Period home remodelled for modern living. This was the vision for this refurbishment. By reviewing every room, the house has been transformed. The results have created a beautiful home for the family. 

When an opportunity to buy the house next door arose, the clients jumped at it before it hit the market. The tired period house had potential they had seen for years. Being listed there were many plans that needed to be submitted, in order for the house to work for the family. The entire house was remodelled and Chiselwood was employed to design furniture for many of the rooms including the kitchen and pantry. The old kitchen was in a small room at the back of the house as was often the case with older period homes. It was decided to relocate it into a larger room next door, with the old kitchen being turned into a utility laundry space. Having high ceilings and beautiful windows, the plan was to create a place for the family and friends to cook, eat and enjoy all in one room. The long back wall housed most of the cooking and storage solutions. The island was created to be the food prep and cleaning station. Backed by a large seating and table for eight to comfortably sit. Separate cabinets were designed on other walls to house refrigeration and wine storage, and glazed units for storage and display. Whilst the client loves colour, the palette for the furniture was neutral as the room was bright and airy, bringing the colours in on the lighting, upholstery and fabrics. It was decided to bring stronger colours into the utility room. The styling of the cabinets were the same throughout linking the theme between the rooms. The utility space has plenty of storage for bulky items, food and crockery. Behind doors is a hidden space that now houses a perfect little laundry and shelving, hiding all the washing away. There is even an airer to hang items to dry or on hangers ready to be taken upstairs. This space is now a beautiful daily hub of activity.


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